A2 Skim a2 Milk Prenium instant skim milk powder 1kg

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A fat-free creamy and nutritious milk!

Rich in beta casein A2 protein.

Great source of calcium and other vital nutrients.

Easier to absorb and digest as compared to other types of milk.

Product Description

a2 Milk™ Skim milk powder has been spray dried to preserve all the natural goodness and special benefits of a2 Milk™. It is high in Calcium and comes in an airtight resealable pouch to maintain its freshness. It has all the benefits of a2 Milk™ Full cream milk powder without fat.

Servings per package: 40

Serving size: 250mL


Skim milk

A2 Milk is a natural milk product with no additives.

The ingredients of A2 Full cream instant milk powder are full cream milk and soy lecithin emulsifier. Soy lecithin is added to the A2 Full cream instant milk powder as it helps the powder dissolve evenly in cold and warm water, as fat does not mix well with water.

The only ingredient in A2 Skim instant milk powder is skim milk. A2 Skim Instant Milk powder does not contain any fat, it is not required in the product.


Allergen Statement

Always read the label.

Use only as directed.

Suitable for vegetarians.


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