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General Information

Bellamy’s Organic Pumpkin Baby Rice  is a  pure simple cereal of soft rice flakes with the added benefit of prebiotic (GOS), that helps to support the health of the tiny tummy. In addition, it offers a naturally sweeter tatse derived from the added pumpkin with added iron and vitamin C to support the growing needs of your baby.  Mildly flavoured and smooth textured, this baby rice is an ideal way to start your baby on solid foods. It is quickly and easily mixed by simply adding water or baby’s usual milk. With added iron, no added salt, sugar, flavours or additives, you can be sure your baby is only getting the natural goodness of organic grains.

Common Uses

When your baby is ready for new flavours, our Pumpking Baby Rice with added Prebiotics is a great option for introducing new tastes.


High Quality Ingredients: Organic rice flour (79%), Organic Pumpkin (17%), Organic GOS*(from Milk) (3%), Organic Vegetable Oil, Mineral iron, Vitamin C, Rosemary Extract


Use contents within 28 days of opening.

Mixing Guide
1. Always wash your hands before preparing food for your baby.
2. For each tablespoon of cereal, add 2 tablespoons of cooled, boiled water, breast milk, or formula. Breast milk contains enzymes that make the cereal 'watery'. This is perfectly safe to use.
3. Mix to a smooth consistency. Mash out any small lumps with the back of a spoon.
4. Gradually increase amount given and thickness of the cereal over time, depending on your baby's appetite.
Always check the temperature is safe before serving.

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