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Freezeframe's Hyper White is a true breakthrough, with clinically proven instant and long term effects. Experience a brighter, more even skin tone in just 10 minutes, with a progressive lightening of tone and pigmentation in just 4 weeks.
Their powerful skin brightening formula works in two unique ways to reduce pigmentation.For instant results, modified titanium dioxide, plus optical brighteners provide an immediate uniformity and matt appearance to the complexion which is clinically proven to unify skin tone and reduce the melanin index by 10.3% in just 10 minutes.
Other immediate benefits include a reduction in redness, pore size and even wrinkles.
For serious, long term pigmentation reduction, Freezeframe's Hyper White contains a synergistic blend of bio-mimetic peptides, enzymatic peeling agents, including enzymes from papaya, ions and amino acids and a natural extract of the Chilean Boldo tree which has been proven in 3 separate clinical trials to slow melanin production by as much as 70%.


For external use only.
If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Freezeframe's Hyper White gives you radiant fair and even looking skin in just 10 minutes, whilst reducing the appearance of dark spots, pigmentation for a bright, radiant, even skin tone that lasts!
More even skin tone in 10 minutes
Enzyme Peeling lifts away dead, dark and pigmented skin cells
Prevents the appearance of future pigmentation and skin darkening
Proven to be more effective than Arbutin, Vitamin C, and Kojic Acid


Apply to clean, dry skin morning and evening.

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