Perfect Potion Geranium Pure Essential Oil 10mL

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Product Description:

We all know that essential oils are extensively used in aromatherapy and other traditional medicines. Because of the number of benefits that they give, they have become a hot natural product out there right now. The many benefits of essential oils such as aiding alertness and helping in skin problems had made it quite popular for many folks.

The little bottles of essential oils from Perfect Potion are packed with a myriad of phytochemicals that are helpful for overall health and wellbeing. Their essentials oils can help in improving mood or even treating certain skin conditions. They are formulated to work in harmony with your body and are harvested from natural sources.

The Perfect Portion Geranium 10ml bottle has a fresh, herbaceous and floral scent of geranium that is harmonising and comforting. It’s a yellow to yellow-greenish colour oil with a sweet, rosy, herbaceous aroma.



A typical chemical composition of Geranium Essential Oil: a-pinene (0.18-0.39%), myrcene (0.21-0.4%),  limonene (0.17-0.59%), menthone (0.74-2.11%), linalool (10.26-13.64%), geranyl acetate (0.34-4.38%), citronellol (20.89-27.74%), geraniol (14.36-17.43%)



How to Use:

Adults: Add 3 drops to an oil vaporiser or bath or 2 drops to every 10ml carrier oil.



Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

For external use only.

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